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Find everything you need to get started right here, including rules, plot, and other noteworthy information! Everything featured here is REQUIRED READING to be able to know what is going on.

9 9 Jul 20 2016, 01:00 PM
Bulletin board
Keep up to date with all the latest news from the staff desk, including activity checks and important announcements. *Muffled trap music* wow it’s such a blast in here *people laughing* you should totally check this board out haha bro wow. Very cool.

2 11 Aug 18 2016, 09:52 AM

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Canon list, face claim, gang claims, reservations, and who's who are all posted here! Check these threads out before applying.

2 15 Nov 1 2016, 07:41 PM
In: Canon list
By: lala
Post your character's application with the correct form under here. Please allow 24 hours for all staff members to review your character.
2 1 Nov 1 2016, 08:59 PM
In: Sakura Uchiha
By: lala
Accepted applications
Congratulations & welcome! You're officially part of the Black Static team. All accepted applications are sorted here by member groups to facilitate other members easily finding character profiles.
Subforums: Saishū, Gang Member, Task Force, Shinobi

5 6 Oct 26 2016, 02:44 PM
In: Naruto Uzumaki
Have a custom that you want to be registered? Post an application with the appropriate form and allow staff to approve it!
Subforums: Accepted Jutsus, Accepted Clans

2 3 Jul 20 2016, 11:15 AM
In: Kakuhou

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Sign up to take part in world event roleplays here. Remember, failure or success during these subplots and any action you make could potentially affect our map, future relations between countries, and the overall direction of our site plot!
Subforums: Report Desk

4 18 Aug 18 2016, 10:33 AM
In: Subplot for Land of Wind
Plot pages
The heart of a character's development usually begins with their individual plotters. All single character plot pages are posted here.
Subforums: Group plotting

11 43 Sep 10 2016, 08:32 AM
By: Kei
Wanted ads
Need a specific canon? Looking for someone to be your character's lover, sibling, clan member? Feel free to make a request here. If you're new to our site, it's also an excellent starting point to see who is in high demand. Bumping is allowed every three days to ensure other ads are not buried.
1 1 May 17 2016, 12:51 AM
In: Temari's childhood friend
Mood boards, music, one shots, drawings, anything else to develop your character further!
Subforums: Jam's development, Pider's development, Pine's development, Sara's development

7 10 May 13 2016, 10:02 AM
In: Orochimaru HeadCanon

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If you are going away for an extended period of time, it is required for you to post a thread here to be exempt from activity checks. We also genuinely want to make sure you all are still ok, even if you are running from the government, let us know. Jam can help you out, been there done that. holy shit, they jUST BROKE INTO MY APART-

-1 1 --
In: ----
General tomfoolery
The general board, talk about whatever you want here. You are encouraged to act a damn fool. In fact, we want such tomfoolery happening in this board that when the staff opens it up it gives us cancer, whooping cough, flesh eating disease and lupis in that order.

10 26 Sep 3 2016, 05:17 PM
In: the infamous white box
By: Kei
Need graphics? Do you sit there and think that GrApH1C dEsIGn uR PaSsIoN? Feel free to post here.
1 0 Feb 23 2016, 02:46 PM
In: basic forum posting template

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A hidden village that was relatively unscathed during the fourth shinobi war, it has now become stripped of its leader Shibuki and of any identity to become Saishū headquarters. Task force influence is nonexistent here; Takigakure now serves as the main hub for Saishū to start spreading its power into nearby smaller lands.

1 4 Mar 28 2016, 03:02 PM
In: Forming of enemies or frien...

A once powerful and great shinobi nation, Konohagkure has fallen on hard times. With the largest push back on technology combined with an ever increasing population, economic turmoil is making the hidden village enter an age of unrest. Task force influence is strong in the village as the land of fire becomes the last to try and develop huge cities. Konohagakure is truly the most - and only - remarkable place about the Land of Fire, and the hidden village is feeling the pressure from all sides. The current Hokage is Naruto Uzumaki.

3 8 Sep 10 2016, 09:23 AM
In: A battle of the players
By: Kei

Kirigakure was rather accepting of technological advancement, and with its surrounding islands housing port cities, civilian beach metropolises, and its proximity to Kaizoku city, it has become the wealthiest hidden village. Task force influence here is not as strong as Konohagkure, but old school shinobi still have a huge problem with them. Chōjūrō is the current Mizukage.

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In: ----

Seemingly recovered and unified at one point after the war, Sungakure unfrotunately took an even bigger hit than Konoha. Poverty and disease are very common because of the distance the village is from its civilian port cities. Importing water has begun to be the standard, and many Shinobi are trying to escape to go elsewhere. The current Kazekage is Gaara.

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In: ----

A resilient hidden village, Iwakagure has survived much task force influence as its country was the first to build up port cities. The village is doing relatively well, and many shinobi host anti-task force and Saishū groups that collaborate with either shinobi that have escaped their own village, or Kumogakure, which has also done relatively well. Their proximity to Takigakure is worrisome to most, however, as they might be the first of the five great shinobi countries' villages to fall. Kurotsuchi is the current Tsuchikage.

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In: ----

Similar to Iwa, Kumogakure has tried its best to stay strong. A lot has to due with geography, as the village is surrounded by mountains and all development was delegated to the sea. While not as close to Takigakure as Iwa, they have special interest in protecting themselves and all man power currently goes toward bolstering their defenses. The current Raikage is Darui.

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In: ----
Other villages

Includes hidden villages such as rain, star, etc. Many of the villages on the main land have either gone dark or are struggling to keep their influence. Villages like hidden sky have done well on the island that is east of Kaizoku.

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Kaizoku City

Stretching so high into the sky they’ve disappeared behind the clouds, the buildings dominate here like mighty gods. They have almost become something like a living entity of their own, swallowing up visitors and blocking out the sun almost entirely. It seems as if it is always dark here. The streets are illuminated by neon lights that are foreign to Shinobi eyes, and the people pack together and flow through the streets like currents in an ocean. The population of this city is largely anti-shinobi, so any non gang member ninja who find themselves here will have trouble recruiting any help from the civillians.

Subforums: Red light district, Administrative district, Southern District, Financial district, The port

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Land of Lightning

High in the mountains, violent thunderstorms are commonplace here, causing cliffs and other structures to collapse. The terrain is ever-changing. Natives are constantly building new passageways when old ones are crushed or destroyed by the land’s violent weather. Those who are not physically prepared may find the sudden change in elevation difficult to deal with, experiencing dizziness and an inability to catch their breath, travelers through this land must take proper precautions and pack as lightly as possible to successfully make it through this stormy mountainous terrain.

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In: ----
Land of Earth

The land of earth’s environment is mostly comprised of rocky terrain that is tedious to navigate through. Traveling a straight line is utterly impossible; a trip through the land of Earth may take several days longer than one inexperienced with it’s environment had initially expected. And with difficulty communicating with other countries in this desolate land, those who become lost are entirely on their own. There are key landmarks that the natives use for navigation, those who wish to travel through this land would be wise to memorize them.

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In: ----
Land of Water

The mysterious fog, the violent crashing of waves- everything about this land is hostile. It contains several islands, each with an environment unique to itself, its weather is also rapidly changing. Much is unknown about this land, as the people tend to isolate themselves. Those who wish to travel here will not find much help from natives, and there’s an eerie unrest among the citizens, as if the memories of a tragic and distant past still linger in the stinging salt air.

1 6 May 13 2016, 03:50 PM
In: Land of Water Subplot
Land of Wind

Desolate, dry, and violent at every turn. The land of Wind is cruel and unforgiving to unprepared travelers that take the chance to venture out into its sinister embrace. With biting winds, freezing nights, sandstorms, blistering sun and giant nocturnal scorpions, It is often recommended to take a native with you to guide you through this barren desert. Be prepared, or the sun’s searing kiss may be the last thing you ever feel.

1 8 May 13 2016, 09:13 PM
In: This Lifestyle is Dangerous
Land of Tea

A warm, sunshine filled land with mild summers and mild winters. Land of tea is a lamb among the lions, often being a sigh of relief for those who are used to traveling through hostile lands such as Wind or Lightning, feeling the cool breeze and the gentle warmth of the sun on their skin nearly all year round; it’s no wonder the people who live here are so peaceful and welcoming. Home to Degarashi port, the largest port of any lands, the trading here is unlike anywhere else.

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Other lands

The world is a vast and mysterious place, any characters who are traveling in lands not previously outlined may roleplay here. This includes the land of Fire, which is the only great land so far untouched by cities, but touched with great turmoil and dangerous paths.

2 25 May 13 2016, 10:26 PM
In: endlessly falling,

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Past and future
Want to roleplay a younger or older version of your character? Post here!
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Other AU
In an alternate universe where Naruto is a doctor bumbling his way through a medical drama to a boarding school where the Akatsuki are the queen bees - all AU plots are welcome here. There are absolutely no limits what can happen in this thread; your imagination is all you need!
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A Test Forum
*five minutes later*
Jam: I fucked up

13 4 Aug 18 2016, 01:55 PM
In: Test Plotter
By: Kei
All advertisements - link backs and firsts - are to be done here.
Subforums: First, Link back

540 306 Yesterday at 05:25 pm
In: A Magician's roleplay: ...
By: Nick
All dead/inactive/finished threads, characters, games, etc are posted here.
Subforums: Old Characters, Old threads, Old Posts

359 327 Oct 26 2016, 08:22 AM
In: From: Naruto Uzumaki
By: Mitternacht

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